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Alexa'da Louden

Alexa, world-wide and country-specific sites and webmasters who rank is an important site which is followed with interest by. According to Alexa traffic rankings of websites with can learn. Well as the development of the site is constantly updated according to changes in the system, the website owners are constantly trying different ways to increase your Alexa ranking're after. So Alexa's how it works.

How to Sort by Alexa

Singular and plural number of visitors to the site
Bounce rate
The time spent on the site
Total page views
The quality of search engine
Of visitors coming to the site from which they come, and their quality of site
Alexa backlink number
Site ownership
The number and percentage of positive reviews
Alexa Why is it Important

The property is primarily sought for Advertisers
The site gives visitors an impression of
Determines the quality of the site. For example, I sell hosting and domain sites if there is more than 500k ALEXA do not prefer.
Is a factor in terms of seo.
It is a kind of competitive analysis
How to increase Alexa

Adopt site Alexa'da
ALEXA your query logged into the site in a manner
Instead of staying on a page on the site too navigate different pages
All pictures, etc. rather than external sources Host your own hostname, such as files
Text inside use more pictures
Use Alexa Widget on Your Site
Link to Alexa data
Alexa Increase the number of queries
Iframe content from your site on another website, show the
Make your site more quickly opening
Increase the number of queries your site. You can use iMacros for
Alexa your site with membership structure of 5 stars reviews
For steady flow of visitors use the social bookmarking site
Hit the monster hit, the wizard can be used as sites
Visitors to my servant proposition Alexa toolbar
SEO practices for pictures

Performance and Security with CloudFlare

Matthew Prince of CloudFlare development and was launched in 2009 by Lee Holloway. TechCrunch in 2010, CloudFlare through the entire world that appeal to your site mainly DDoS, SQL Injection and protect from spam comments. Additionally gives CDN services. (see Content Delivery Network), with features that you can use in a manner completely free. These features will protect you from security attacks and can not gain access to your site at the end of your site as it will keep the air. The average speed of a site page with CloudFlare is increased by 30%, how much bandwidth is reduced and the system allows 60% of the site's security is increased. CloudFlare yet millions of betaines have prevented the attack.

With CloudFlare CloudFlare, Performance and Security

CloudFlare How does it work?
Please complete the registration process for the system to work, and must make the desired changes. Thus, visitors to your site will be passed through CloudFlare's servers and filters. This process will reduce page load speed will increase in contrast. CloudFlare, because it uses a system called CDN on the site there will be a delay. After the operations performed during the recording provided by CloudFlare to your site by a firewall can protect yourself from small and medium-scale attacks.

CloudFlare CloudFlare with 550x220 Performance and Security

If your site's traffic with high standards of membership CloudFlare will do the trick. CDN services can receive a free packet and can reduce your bandwidth'i. In particular, the bandwidth shortage of site owners a better server package is a service that you need to try before. In cases where not enough free package for a low fee you can take advantage of the other paid package.

How to Register?
Free on every page you during the registration process is accompanied by photos and videos. With simple interface and simple to use you can register easily. CloudFlare primarily collect your domain DNS records, these records are collected and then transferred to CloudFlare. Want or do not want to transfer before you can change the settings. Finally, NS records for your domain to point to CloudFlare's servers is required. Your record will be updated within 24 hours and CloudFlare will work for you.

Effective White Paper Preparation

White papers, product, service, or introducing the site and introduced into the area through a seo application contains links and are among the most popular method in recent days. To get the most from the introduction, writing many issues that need attention are. When we pay attention to these issues influence whether we want white papers in the rankings do not raise our site.

Above all, it is useful to understand the cause of white paper try. Google is aware that, in principle, a computer program to raise the ranking of a site incoming links from other sites that use references. I mean, how many different people recommend your site if your site is in the eyes of Google is gaining so much value. Google populist and popular approach is to move to the top row.

Preparation of promotional writing seo Writing Effective Promotion

However, Google is fluent in Turkish! Both of you are to know me much better. This is the meaning. Meaningless from an article with a link to your site will be just you reduce your trustranki and even your Google rankings as a result you may lose. How good quality article from Google and if you sent a link to your site so we are very keen. This is one of every three columnists saw back and forth in the corner of a restaurant is nothing like writing. Thousands of people who go there to sit in one columnist wrote much of the text will have no effect. This is a quality article shows how important it is. Google can not even write properly Turkish one with 4-5 sentences proposed site is not completely dominant in Turkish, you want to tell people that they have the ability to explain the best way is to consider the proposal. Google "These guys can be as good as this summer and would recommend this site know if there is necessarily a. If so, should be listed above. "She says.

Complimented by Google so how will write the article? That is the real question, actually. SEO is the most important feature should appear natural. We also need to write an article first and foremost is natural.

How to promote a product you own a blog? Conduct research about the product before you sit down, take a snapshot of the product quality bloggers and blogs are put into. Google is willing to work with such an original and chock-full presentation text. Natural and adequate length - the length of an article is normally between 200 and 500 words - every sentence in an article which, YES every sentence must be the original.

And must always include a photo of the article and the photo as much as possible from the internet there is a huge importance. We said, either sits blogger takes a picture of the product and had never been seen before by Google on the pages of a photo quality-enhancing effect can not even imagine.

Google, "If Google had not put it to the site Did you really?" He asks. If the answer is no, steer clear of this place, but beware of your article. No sane person H1 tag article also threw it does not attempt to link the nonsense. Everything before this is an issue that bothers visitors and search engines were not a concept that no one could behave in this way. Exactly what Google wants it: for users to generate content!

Link me the most important point to be considered. White paper never, ever the same address in both the home page should not be given more than one link to the URL. Google bot is already more than one repeated on the same page within the URL is visited only once!

If the main page, if you want to link 2 units necessarily http://www.siteadi.co one I have to give the other as the http://www.siteadi.com/index.php. However, in the same article to multiple sites should not link. This article in Google's eyes to give rise to the impression that the person is confused, but the paper output goes to the source of the site is divided in equal numbers. Therefore, this practice should be avoided whit. In the same font as the site's main page and sub-page link given at a maximum of 3. Google's text link to further reduce the concentration will be on. Another trick is to be applied "indexs url" is to use. Indexs url address of the site is linked directly. http://www.siteadi.co verilmeyip the form of any word, even the title is a link-free. More detailed information on this subject can be obtained from indexs url article.

If you pay attention to what this number you can get your article promotion will increase efficiency floor and the floor.

In the previous article I seoaraci.co our unique publication with the article titled

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Copy the URL SEF Structure and Content Information

Use hyphens to separate words

All web applications underscore "_", plus "+" or space "% 20" as the delimiter strictly interpreted, so the words in the URL to separate the above URL for examples google-fresh-factor as in the hyphen "-" use the characters.

Content and Copy Version of the Standard

Copy content of each website might face is the most annoying and troublesome problem. The remaining few years, search engines "weak" and the penalty for duplicate content and using low ranking took strict measures.
Standardization of two or more copies of a web page appears in version occurs when different URLs. This is very common in modern content management systems. For example, a regular version of the same content to a page on the "printable" version did you propose. Copy the contents can be seen even in many websites. This is a major problem for search engines to searchers -Including will show which version? These issues circles, these problems often adlandırılır- as duplicate content has been described in detail here at all.
Search engines, on versions of a copy of a piece of content is rigorous. To provide the best search experience, rarely content multiple copies, show pieces, so which version is closer to the original have to choose. As a result of all these copies of ALL your content ranking may have lower than it should be.
Standardization your content, each having a unique part of the URL by providing a single regulatory method. If a web site (or on their website) versions if you leave a copy of the content on the right side can be faced with such a view. Which is the correct one diamond?
It took three pages of the site owner for them if I did a 301 redirect, search engines only one of the pages of this site, the most powerful in the list will show the page.
With the potential to rank well on multiple pages into a single page of a page when combined, can not be left to compete only with others, but also alone create a stronger relevance and popularity. This ability to have a good ranking in the search engines improves.

Canonical Tag for salvation!

From search engines, "Canonical URL tag called" a different option, a single copy of the content on the site to reduce sample and another way is to standardize on a single URL. This is also from a URL on a domain, to a different URL on another domain, between different sites can be used.
Along with the page containing the canonical tag, use duplicate content. Canonical tag "targets", to rise in the rankings that you want the "real" URL is pointing to.

To put the sample;

This is to search engines www.seocu.com/blog URL of the page in question should not be treated as a copy of the search engines and see all of the content of the link & tells that URL belongs to.

Canonical URL tag, from an SEO point of view in many ways similar to a 301 redirect. In fact, search engines, your visitors actually redirect to the new URL, without thinking multiple pages as a single page (as did 301) Are you saying-often woes protects you in your development process.
More about the kinds of content in different copies of Dr. Pete deserves a special interest in this article.

Rich Snippets

No 5 star ranking in search results did you see? Probably, the search engine embedded in web pages that information received from the rich snippets.
Use of rich snippets and structured data, search engine friendly design when there is an essential element in the development of good, webmaster advantageous in some circumstances to enjoy the advantages of this means.
Structured data, means to add formatting to your content so that search engines can easily identify how this content is. Schema.org, benefit from structured data markup offers a wide variety of samples. These people, products, reviews, businesses, includes recipes and events.
Search engines, user ratings (stars) and author profiles (pictures) as well as structured data, often in the search results is included. To learn more about rich snippets, Schema.org information on Google's Rich Snippets Testing Tool and including There are many good online resources.

Defending the Honor of your site

How you're playing scrapers ranking
Unfortunately, the internet, business and traffic patterns and execute the content of other sites to use them again in their own domains (sometimes interesting in different ways) the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) was filled with unscrupulous web site. Your content playback and re-publish the application "scrape" is called and scrapers that their contents and from advertising, top the site of a serious income're (ironically, mostly Google's own AdSense program).
Any feed format --RSSR / XML / etc.-when you publish content, a leading blog / monitoring services (Google, Technorati, Yahoo! Etc..) Be sure to ping. Ping services like Technorati Google and how their sites will find instructions on how to automate the process or you can use a service like Pingomatic. If you bespoke publishing software, usually the developer (s) during the broadcast to include automatic ping feature is smart.
Then you can use scrapers laziness against them. On the Internet scraper Many of content without editing the re-broadcasts, and therefore your site and typed a specific article of your deep links to the search engines by adding many of the copy content to your site linked you to see what you can (your source is probably the first that may appear). To do this, simply replace the relevant links in your internal link structure will need to use the links. Therefore, instead of giving a link to your homepage in the following way:

This way, when copying a scraper to take your content, continues to link pointing to your site.
Kazıyıcılık higher levels of protection are ways but none is completely not foolproof. You must accept these, how popular your site is and if it becomes apparent, so your content will find engraved and published again. Most of the time, you can ignore this problem, but if it's exacerbated and scrapers, you see that your rankings and your traffic you receive from your hand, called the DMCA consider using a legal way.

Search Engines and Site Queries

Google Webmaster Tools 


Geographic Target - If a site in a specific location targeting users if the webmasters of the site, country-specific search results how to get out to determine which will help and also for geographic queries Google search results will improve with the information that Google can report.
Priority Domains - Priority domains, a webmaster of the site pages indexed in what way is a feature that determines whether. A webmaster is designated as the primary domain http://www.ornek.co and Google http://ornek.co format given in this site if you find a link, it http: //www.example.com is directed to will behave like.
URL Parameters - on your site, "sort = price" and "sessionid = 2" information about each parameter, such as Google can give. This Google to crawl your site more efficiently, providing copy the contents of the parameters to be ignored, and Google can crawl your site helps to increase the number of original pages.
Scan Rate - Scan rate, during the scanning process will affect the speed of Googlebot's requests. That Googlebot will scan the aforementioned site, how often does not have any effect. Google, the recommended rate, based on a web site determines the number of pages.
Malware - any malicious software is found on your site Google will tell you. Malicious software is not only bad for users, but also severely affect the rankings.
Crawl Errors - If the Googlebot from crawling your site, such as 404 if they encounter considerable error, and this report can not be accessed Googlebot, which is directed to the URL where you found the link sets.
HTML Enhancements - This analysis determines search engine friendly non-HTML elements. Problems, especially meta description, title tag issues and content issues that can not be indexed lists.

Your page on the Internet
These statistics are particularly seo'cu to keyword reporting impressions, click-through rates, search results are displayed on most pages and linking issues such as statistics offers a unique prediction. Many of seo'c, most of the data in webmaster tools that insufficient time is near, and at best sketchy note that measurements complained that offer.

Site Settings
This important section, sitemaps, robots.txt files, add the site to determine the links and when you move your site to another domain allows you to request a change of address. This section also mentioned in the previous section "Settings" and "URL parameters" section also includes.

+1 Metrics
Users with the +1 button to your content on Google+ Share te, these movements are often annotated in the search results. In this section, Google Webmaster Tools, +1 share in the search results show the impact your site's performance.

In Webmaster Tools, Google considers the report section containing the laboratory, still at the experimental stage, but it is still important for the webmasters. This report is one of the most important, how fast or slow your site for visitors Site Performance shows that it is installed.

Bing Webmaster Tools 

key Features

Site Overview - This interface will provide Bing search results offers an overview of the performance of the entire site. At a glance metrics for each site clicks, impressions, number of indexed pages and includes scanned pages.
Scan Statistics - Here, Bing scan the page on your site, how many and with what you are experiencing any errors about how you can examine the report. At the same time, as in Google Webmaster Tools, Bing to discover your content and keep in the forefront can upload to the site map.
Index - This section of the webmaster, how Bing indexes the web pages that enable developers to assist in analysis and control. Again, similar to the ones in Google Webmaster Tools, so here is compiled into Bing'l can examine your content, you can add URLs, you can remove URLs from search results, you can check the links, and you can edit parameter settings.
Traffic - Traffic on Bing Web Expert summary, Bing and Yahoo search results by combining data, impressions and clicks data reports. The reports, if each keyword targeted ads als, the average of the estimated cost shows how much.


Identify Strong Links - Open Site Explorer, which is the most important links with metrics that help identify, categorize all your incoming links.
Finding the most powerful Domain Link - This tool allows you to link to your domain registrar domain shows that the most powerful.
Analyzing Distribution of Link Anchor Text - Open Site Explorer, the people use when they link to you shows the distribution of the text.
One to Compare View - This feature you see one reason for that other than listed above offers the possibility to compare two websites.
Social Media Metrics - for any URL on Facebook Share, and Like, Tweet, and + 1 measure.


Ripple and Roll in Search Engine Traffic

Without an effective and accurate interpretation roadmap to implement the changes, only one will benefit you to know the numbers. Below follow the data points provided by some of the most common router signal or opportunity to assess and develop the applications we have discussed how you will respond.


In Search Engine Page and Link Lists

site: "and" link; exact numbers are rarely given in the query, and therefore fall with traffic, unless very high output or showing declines in volatility, we strongly recommend not to be too worried. For example, on any given day Yahoo !, Domain seocu.co link between 800,000 and 2 million shows. Obviously, not every day, hundreds of thousands of won or lost the link, but not Yahoo! 's index of variability in these numbers, our growth or contraction in our real link about our offers means just a little help.

If the search engine link in your or indexed pages, similar traffic decline, with notable declines, if you see a link grout in the real sense of loss or punishment, hacked to malicious software, depending on the indexing hearing loss you may be experiencing (formerly traffic sending / ranking raises important links still exist whether check). A detailed statistical analysis that you can make using their website and Google's Webmaster Tools can help you identify potential problems.

One in Search Engine

Falling Search Traffic

1 Call quality does not comply with or violate the terms of service guidelines sentence because he ate from search engines. How to determine a search engine penalty / will be overcome by following the seo article writing on our site you can find one.

An error is 2, then the search engine spiders have blocked access to the site. Your robots.txt and meta robots tag, double-check and see if there is any problem of the search engine to review the Webmaster Tools.

3 One search engine ranking algorithm, to put forward your site has changed now. This is often one of the links from your site to a fall in the value realized and low quality of links, particularly with manual link building is common on sites that are cheek by jowl.

Falling In Multiple Search Engine Search Traffic

Prevent or stop the spiders indexing your site the higher your chances of having done something. This, in robots.txt or meta robots tag something in the hosting / uptime is a problem with DNS resolution or other status may be a few technical problems. Contact your system administrator, your developers and / or talk to your hosting provider and to identify potential problems your Webmaster Tools account and review the statistics carefully.

Sort Fluctuations

A particular term / phrase or win or lose rankings for many other things, every day millions of millions of pages per time coming and usually nothing to worry about it. Sorting algorithms vary, competitors link (and intra-site optimization tactics) will win and lose and search engines index mobility between will (and even, sometimes scanning systems, indexes hazard or sorting operations make mistakes). A serious decline occurs ranking, optimization and instructions excessive violations (cloaking, keyword stuffing, etc..) Elements within the site carefully for any symptoms you may want to review. For new content to excel in rankings sudden, often ending in a dramatic reduction process Note that a temporary high visibility (we in the SEO world that "the power of the new" call).

Link Metric Ranking of Growth Without Growth

Many site owners, the "classic" SEO -site internal optimization, link purchases and so on. When done, you think that you get instant results. Unfortunately, reality is not so. In particular, the results very difficult competing sites, and content for the page, enter the rankings takes time and many great link on the top right to get to the exit method is not very wise. Search engines, your link you get all those pages only scans ought not, at the same time indexing them and processing should remember that the -search engines by the delta index of the innovation in order to support for the use you are looking for metrics and rankings to reach the request of your actions, then days or even weeks it may take.

Domain in Search Engine Promotion Criteria

Domain authority - which is specified in the domain, how well a web page will be ranked guesses. Higher domain authority, he lined up in the domain of a single sheet of paper for the domain is one of the most important criteria. Ranking the best potential means. Domain PageRank - according to all domains on the Internet compared to the popularity of a particular domain and security measures. In this context, subdomains and root domains have been calculated for. This metric graph and the external links from trusted domains varies according to the link graph. Domain authority's general predictions about the best offers. Domaine be sufficiently keywords and domains pagerank'l received from external links may provide support for the promotion according to. Domain of TrustRank - Domaine measuring the reliability of the domain between the calculation is done, as long as this trust to come up with effective as a factor domains appear in top positions in the search engines can be said as an indication. Link Count - Domaine least number of pages that a backlink, for example; siteismi.com/index.html and siteismi.com/hakkimizda.html pages link to the page is given in our own domain registrar, assuming the number of backlinks leading to your own domain registrar link count as two. Domaine Number of Outbound Link - Based on the number of Link, Link to the root of the domain is calculated as the number. for instance; siteismi.com/index.html and siteismi.com/hakkimizda.html pages from our domain registrar is counted as a single backlink. On the other hand in both of the pages of the site's link to the home page, and you absolutely domains if there are two outgoing link is assumed to be. Number of Web Sites linked Root Domain How to Determine What is; Must be known that he or outbound on any page on the site with links containing at least one page is the number of different domains. Example given, if necessary, and also siteismi.com/gov/about/ siteismi.com/index.html Both page contains links to at www.siteismi.co this nasa.gov goes to the root domain of addresses and also a link is considered to be only . In other news website regarding the overall research while often in ways that you will encounter the term is one of the absolutely Authority links are and webmaster terms also include the category you these concepts in the best of ways you need to know. Backlinks dialing sequence is very effective for identifying processes. For these reasons, during the backlinks seo work at it while we always will help to link the concept of authority and of any non-profit that produces content for sites necessarily have to be used. On the other hand a high PageRank, TrustRank, and alexa rank value with the major Universities edu.t and also state offices tr extension of the web sites, authority sites appear to be, and these sites also links given authority links is known as the. But thanks to the links from these authority sites in terms of SEO is quite and extremely effective. The world-famous search engine, Google eyes for financial gain without first absolute, unopposed serving of these sites content depending on whether you get the links you search for top positions so as to remove and most effective methods and efficient operation includes. Edu and Gov quite difficult to get links from sites that extension and is willing to labor. Blog comments to get links from authority sites, web site guestbook and forum features also invested in the best way you need to. Authority which some malicious sites and over time they realize they must change the system. It can get links from sites that are related in the following moments, and as required in the system to find sites that link available to purchase and you must make the necessary procedures. However, you should know the meaning of the seo serious research and effort in sharing with users of the websites that authority site more up to date list can be obtained in a short time and in the most effective manner. But not in this process you going to make other people do it on the side of expert and experienced persons should receive the necessary services. If you receive the necessary services from people who are not expert on the results of operations in future to reach the potential problems and problems you may encounter.