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Alexa'da Louden

Alexa, world-wide and country-specific sites and webmasters who rank is an important site which is followed with interest by. According to Alexa traffic rankings of websites with can learn. Well as the development of the site is constantly updated according to changes in the system, the website owners are constantly trying different ways to increase your Alexa ranking're after. So Alexa's how it works.

How to Sort by Alexa

Singular and plural number of visitors to the site
Bounce rate
The time spent on the site
Total page views
The quality of search engine
Of visitors coming to the site from which they come, and their quality of site
Alexa backlink number
Site ownership
The number and percentage of positive reviews
Alexa Why is it Important

The property is primarily sought for Advertisers
The site gives visitors an impression of
Determines the quality of the site. For example, I sell hosting and domain sites if there is more than 500k ALEXA do not prefer.
Is a factor in terms of seo.
It is a kind of competitive analysis
How to increase Alexa

Adopt site Alexa'da
ALEXA your query logged into the site in a manner
Instead of staying on a page on the site too navigate different pages
All pictures, etc. rather than external sources Host your own hostname, such as files
Text inside use more pictures
Use Alexa Widget on Your Site
Link to Alexa data
Alexa Increase the number of queries
Iframe content from your site on another website, show the
Make your site more quickly opening
Increase the number of queries your site. You can use iMacros for
Alexa your site with membership structure of 5 stars reviews
For steady flow of visitors use the social bookmarking site
Hit the monster hit, the wizard can be used as sites
Visitors to my servant proposition Alexa toolbar
SEO practices for pictures

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