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Copy the URL SEF Structure and Content Information

Use hyphens to separate words

All web applications underscore "_", plus "+" or space "% 20" as the delimiter strictly interpreted, so the words in the URL to separate the above URL for examples google-fresh-factor as in the hyphen "-" use the characters.

Content and Copy Version of the Standard

Copy content of each website might face is the most annoying and troublesome problem. The remaining few years, search engines "weak" and the penalty for duplicate content and using low ranking took strict measures.
Standardization of two or more copies of a web page appears in version occurs when different URLs. This is very common in modern content management systems. For example, a regular version of the same content to a page on the "printable" version did you propose. Copy the contents can be seen even in many websites. This is a major problem for search engines to searchers -Including will show which version? These issues circles, these problems often adlandırılır- as duplicate content has been described in detail here at all.
Search engines, on versions of a copy of a piece of content is rigorous. To provide the best search experience, rarely content multiple copies, show pieces, so which version is closer to the original have to choose. As a result of all these copies of ALL your content ranking may have lower than it should be.
Standardization your content, each having a unique part of the URL by providing a single regulatory method. If a web site (or on their website) versions if you leave a copy of the content on the right side can be faced with such a view. Which is the correct one diamond?
It took three pages of the site owner for them if I did a 301 redirect, search engines only one of the pages of this site, the most powerful in the list will show the page.
With the potential to rank well on multiple pages into a single page of a page when combined, can not be left to compete only with others, but also alone create a stronger relevance and popularity. This ability to have a good ranking in the search engines improves.

Canonical Tag for salvation!

From search engines, "Canonical URL tag called" a different option, a single copy of the content on the site to reduce sample and another way is to standardize on a single URL. This is also from a URL on a domain, to a different URL on another domain, between different sites can be used.
Along with the page containing the canonical tag, use duplicate content. Canonical tag "targets", to rise in the rankings that you want the "real" URL is pointing to.

To put the sample;

This is to search engines www.seocu.com/blog URL of the page in question should not be treated as a copy of the search engines and see all of the content of the link & tells that URL belongs to.

Canonical URL tag, from an SEO point of view in many ways similar to a 301 redirect. In fact, search engines, your visitors actually redirect to the new URL, without thinking multiple pages as a single page (as did 301) Are you saying-often woes protects you in your development process.
More about the kinds of content in different copies of Dr. Pete deserves a special interest in this article.

Rich Snippets

No 5 star ranking in search results did you see? Probably, the search engine embedded in web pages that information received from the rich snippets.
Use of rich snippets and structured data, search engine friendly design when there is an essential element in the development of good, webmaster advantageous in some circumstances to enjoy the advantages of this means.
Structured data, means to add formatting to your content so that search engines can easily identify how this content is. Schema.org, benefit from structured data markup offers a wide variety of samples. These people, products, reviews, businesses, includes recipes and events.
Search engines, user ratings (stars) and author profiles (pictures) as well as structured data, often in the search results is included. To learn more about rich snippets, Schema.org information on Google's Rich Snippets Testing Tool and including There are many good online resources.

Defending the Honor of your site

How you're playing scrapers ranking
Unfortunately, the internet, business and traffic patterns and execute the content of other sites to use them again in their own domains (sometimes interesting in different ways) the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) was filled with unscrupulous web site. Your content playback and re-publish the application "scrape" is called and scrapers that their contents and from advertising, top the site of a serious income're (ironically, mostly Google's own AdSense program).
Any feed format --RSSR / XML / etc.-when you publish content, a leading blog / monitoring services (Google, Technorati, Yahoo! Etc..) Be sure to ping. Ping services like Technorati Google and how their sites will find instructions on how to automate the process or you can use a service like Pingomatic. If you bespoke publishing software, usually the developer (s) during the broadcast to include automatic ping feature is smart.
Then you can use scrapers laziness against them. On the Internet scraper Many of content without editing the re-broadcasts, and therefore your site and typed a specific article of your deep links to the search engines by adding many of the copy content to your site linked you to see what you can (your source is probably the first that may appear). To do this, simply replace the relevant links in your internal link structure will need to use the links. Therefore, instead of giving a link to your homepage in the following way:

This way, when copying a scraper to take your content, continues to link pointing to your site.
Kazıyıcılık higher levels of protection are ways but none is completely not foolproof. You must accept these, how popular your site is and if it becomes apparent, so your content will find engraved and published again. Most of the time, you can ignore this problem, but if it's exacerbated and scrapers, you see that your rankings and your traffic you receive from your hand, called the DMCA consider using a legal way.

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