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Effective White Paper Preparation

White papers, product, service, or introducing the site and introduced into the area through a seo application contains links and are among the most popular method in recent days. To get the most from the introduction, writing many issues that need attention are. When we pay attention to these issues influence whether we want white papers in the rankings do not raise our site.

Above all, it is useful to understand the cause of white paper try. Google is aware that, in principle, a computer program to raise the ranking of a site incoming links from other sites that use references. I mean, how many different people recommend your site if your site is in the eyes of Google is gaining so much value. Google populist and popular approach is to move to the top row.

Preparation of promotional writing seo Writing Effective Promotion

However, Google is fluent in Turkish! Both of you are to know me much better. This is the meaning. Meaningless from an article with a link to your site will be just you reduce your trustranki and even your Google rankings as a result you may lose. How good quality article from Google and if you sent a link to your site so we are very keen. This is one of every three columnists saw back and forth in the corner of a restaurant is nothing like writing. Thousands of people who go there to sit in one columnist wrote much of the text will have no effect. This is a quality article shows how important it is. Google can not even write properly Turkish one with 4-5 sentences proposed site is not completely dominant in Turkish, you want to tell people that they have the ability to explain the best way is to consider the proposal. Google "These guys can be as good as this summer and would recommend this site know if there is necessarily a. If so, should be listed above. "She says.

Complimented by Google so how will write the article? That is the real question, actually. SEO is the most important feature should appear natural. We also need to write an article first and foremost is natural.

How to promote a product you own a blog? Conduct research about the product before you sit down, take a snapshot of the product quality bloggers and blogs are put into. Google is willing to work with such an original and chock-full presentation text. Natural and adequate length - the length of an article is normally between 200 and 500 words - every sentence in an article which, YES every sentence must be the original.

And must always include a photo of the article and the photo as much as possible from the internet there is a huge importance. We said, either sits blogger takes a picture of the product and had never been seen before by Google on the pages of a photo quality-enhancing effect can not even imagine.

Google, "If Google had not put it to the site Did you really?" He asks. If the answer is no, steer clear of this place, but beware of your article. No sane person H1 tag article also threw it does not attempt to link the nonsense. Everything before this is an issue that bothers visitors and search engines were not a concept that no one could behave in this way. Exactly what Google wants it: for users to generate content!

Link me the most important point to be considered. White paper never, ever the same address in both the home page should not be given more than one link to the URL. Google bot is already more than one repeated on the same page within the URL is visited only once!

If the main page, if you want to link 2 units necessarily http://www.siteadi.co one I have to give the other as the http://www.siteadi.com/index.php. However, in the same article to multiple sites should not link. This article in Google's eyes to give rise to the impression that the person is confused, but the paper output goes to the source of the site is divided in equal numbers. Therefore, this practice should be avoided whit. In the same font as the site's main page and sub-page link given at a maximum of 3. Google's text link to further reduce the concentration will be on. Another trick is to be applied "indexs url" is to use. Indexs url address of the site is linked directly. http://www.siteadi.co verilmeyip the form of any word, even the title is a link-free. More detailed information on this subject can be obtained from indexs url article.

If you pay attention to what this number you can get your article promotion will increase efficiency floor and the floor.

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