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Performance and Security with CloudFlare

Matthew Prince of CloudFlare development and was launched in 2009 by Lee Holloway. TechCrunch in 2010, CloudFlare through the entire world that appeal to your site mainly DDoS, SQL Injection and protect from spam comments. Additionally gives CDN services. (see Content Delivery Network), with features that you can use in a manner completely free. These features will protect you from security attacks and can not gain access to your site at the end of your site as it will keep the air. The average speed of a site page with CloudFlare is increased by 30%, how much bandwidth is reduced and the system allows 60% of the site's security is increased. CloudFlare yet millions of betaines have prevented the attack.

With CloudFlare CloudFlare, Performance and Security

CloudFlare How does it work?
Please complete the registration process for the system to work, and must make the desired changes. Thus, visitors to your site will be passed through CloudFlare's servers and filters. This process will reduce page load speed will increase in contrast. CloudFlare, because it uses a system called CDN on the site there will be a delay. After the operations performed during the recording provided by CloudFlare to your site by a firewall can protect yourself from small and medium-scale attacks.

CloudFlare CloudFlare with 550x220 Performance and Security

If your site's traffic with high standards of membership CloudFlare will do the trick. CDN services can receive a free packet and can reduce your bandwidth'i. In particular, the bandwidth shortage of site owners a better server package is a service that you need to try before. In cases where not enough free package for a low fee you can take advantage of the other paid package.

How to Register?
Free on every page you during the registration process is accompanied by photos and videos. With simple interface and simple to use you can register easily. CloudFlare primarily collect your domain DNS records, these records are collected and then transferred to CloudFlare. Want or do not want to transfer before you can change the settings. Finally, NS records for your domain to point to CloudFlare's servers is required. Your record will be updated within 24 hours and CloudFlare will work for you.

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