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Search Engines and Site Queries

Google Webmaster Tools 


Geographic Target - If a site in a specific location targeting users if the webmasters of the site, country-specific search results how to get out to determine which will help and also for geographic queries Google search results will improve with the information that Google can report.
Priority Domains - Priority domains, a webmaster of the site pages indexed in what way is a feature that determines whether. A webmaster is designated as the primary domain http://www.ornek.co and Google http://ornek.co format given in this site if you find a link, it http: //www.example.com is directed to will behave like.
URL Parameters - on your site, "sort = price" and "sessionid = 2" information about each parameter, such as Google can give. This Google to crawl your site more efficiently, providing copy the contents of the parameters to be ignored, and Google can crawl your site helps to increase the number of original pages.
Scan Rate - Scan rate, during the scanning process will affect the speed of Googlebot's requests. That Googlebot will scan the aforementioned site, how often does not have any effect. Google, the recommended rate, based on a web site determines the number of pages.
Malware - any malicious software is found on your site Google will tell you. Malicious software is not only bad for users, but also severely affect the rankings.
Crawl Errors - If the Googlebot from crawling your site, such as 404 if they encounter considerable error, and this report can not be accessed Googlebot, which is directed to the URL where you found the link sets.
HTML Enhancements - This analysis determines search engine friendly non-HTML elements. Problems, especially meta description, title tag issues and content issues that can not be indexed lists.

Your page on the Internet
These statistics are particularly seo'cu to keyword reporting impressions, click-through rates, search results are displayed on most pages and linking issues such as statistics offers a unique prediction. Many of seo'c, most of the data in webmaster tools that insufficient time is near, and at best sketchy note that measurements complained that offer.

Site Settings
This important section, sitemaps, robots.txt files, add the site to determine the links and when you move your site to another domain allows you to request a change of address. This section also mentioned in the previous section "Settings" and "URL parameters" section also includes.

+1 Metrics
Users with the +1 button to your content on Google+ Share te, these movements are often annotated in the search results. In this section, Google Webmaster Tools, +1 share in the search results show the impact your site's performance.

In Webmaster Tools, Google considers the report section containing the laboratory, still at the experimental stage, but it is still important for the webmasters. This report is one of the most important, how fast or slow your site for visitors Site Performance shows that it is installed.

Bing Webmaster Tools 

key Features

Site Overview - This interface will provide Bing search results offers an overview of the performance of the entire site. At a glance metrics for each site clicks, impressions, number of indexed pages and includes scanned pages.
Scan Statistics - Here, Bing scan the page on your site, how many and with what you are experiencing any errors about how you can examine the report. At the same time, as in Google Webmaster Tools, Bing to discover your content and keep in the forefront can upload to the site map.
Index - This section of the webmaster, how Bing indexes the web pages that enable developers to assist in analysis and control. Again, similar to the ones in Google Webmaster Tools, so here is compiled into Bing'l can examine your content, you can add URLs, you can remove URLs from search results, you can check the links, and you can edit parameter settings.
Traffic - Traffic on Bing Web Expert summary, Bing and Yahoo search results by combining data, impressions and clicks data reports. The reports, if each keyword targeted ads als, the average of the estimated cost shows how much.


Identify Strong Links - Open Site Explorer, which is the most important links with metrics that help identify, categorize all your incoming links.
Finding the most powerful Domain Link - This tool allows you to link to your domain registrar domain shows that the most powerful.
Analyzing Distribution of Link Anchor Text - Open Site Explorer, the people use when they link to you shows the distribution of the text.
One to Compare View - This feature you see one reason for that other than listed above offers the possibility to compare two websites.
Social Media Metrics - for any URL on Facebook Share, and Like, Tweet, and + 1 measure.


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